Magento 2 Grunt based tasks management
Panama Papers and WordPress updates
Bernie Sanders and broadband speed
SQL vs NOSQL? When and why…
Ever heard of Ubuntu Phone? What about FirefoxOS or Sailfish?

Bernie Sanders and broadband speed

  Don't you feel that sometimes politicians go over the board to show how their supporters are complete morons? Making a tweet that compares the internet broadband speed across US with Bucharest's broadband speed wouldn't be such a big deal if you would know how to do a proper comparison and how to properly argument your position. I agree that Continue reading

Ferrari 488GTB – the launch of a great car

Although it's not something I usually post about I had to say something about last night's event that took place at the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest, the launch of Ferrari 488GTB, a car that deserves its 215000 EUR price. The event The launch event was one of the nicest events in the last months at least, and it properly Continue reading

Windows 10 – review or why you should upgrade…

A few months ago everyone started getting the new windows 10 as the free upgrade started being available throughout the world. As soon as possible (even a bit forced) I've also done my upgrade and only now after a few months I can really say it was a good choice. Let me give you my personal experience so that you Continue reading

IoT – The Internet of things

A few weeks ago I had the chance to take part in IBM's "IoT -The Internet of things is not coming … it is already here" event, held at TechHub. I am glad to have participated, as I left the event with a new view over big data management, sensor capturing and IoT in itself.  Consider yourself surrounded by smart Continue reading

WordPress – from simple to complex

One of the most used open-source CMS platforms worldwide is WordPress. It is a veteran of content management systems, starting initially as just a blogging platform in 2003 and evolving over the years in one of the best platforms for general presentation websites, small community portals and small e-commerce shops. As Wikipedia states, as of January 2015 WordPress is used Continue reading