Ever heard of Ubuntu Phone? What about FirefoxOS or Sailfish?

Everywhere you're looking someone is on a smartphone. Everyone chats, talks, plays or even works on the latest model or wants the latest model of … an iPhone or a Samsung. I use them both and I'm wondering if we're missing something. So I started looking into what's the latest by anyone else but Samsung or Apple and I've observed a lot of the competitors are innovating and providing new smartphones targeted to either their fan base or to handling long last issues present in the systems mostly used up to this point.

So I'm bringing to your eyes the latest in mobile technology, both hardware and software (operating systems).


Project Ara

You might remember a few years ago there was a concept of a "build your own", to your liking, smartphone. Just consider: maybe you want more memory, or a bigger camera, or a better processing unit; then why should you have to buy a new phone each time you need more. That's where Phoneblocks appeared. The project went viral so companies like Motorola, and afterwards Google took a look on how they could produce a viable product. Thus Project Ara was born. Project Ara is modular following the same principles described in the concept, runs on Android, and it has just started his market pilot stage so I think it will soon be available for sale, and immediately after, something no other smartphone ever was, available for upgrade.

Jolla Sailfish

Sailfish is a mobile operating system (OS) combining the Linux kernel, the Mer core and proprietary software written by mobile software developer Jolla. Jolla has launched their first mobile phone already.  It can be found in their store. The good thing with Sailfish is that because of it's use of the Linux kernel the Android apps are compatible with the system. Sailfish also provides a new way of handling your smartphone through an interface full of touch gestures, rather than buttons and links, bringing more swipe and less tap to the usage behavior.

Ubuntu on Phones

For the Ubuntu users out there, which are an ever growing community, a smartphone version of the operating system has been launched. Ubuntu phone can be installed on BQ Aquaris E4.5 that has both the Ubuntu Edition and an Android 4.4 one. Ubuntu seems to be an efficient operating system, bringing to the users the most used functions (notifications, alarms, phone utilities) using it's launcher whatever the user is doing at that time. Ubuntu Phone is also attractive to developers as the code base is open source and transparent.

Firefox OS

Also called "the adaptive phone", Firefox OS brings your smartphone to a level which makes it adapt to your needs. Firefox OS devices are built by a community following the Mozilla principles of putting the users first and bringing innovation to the user. This is how it is marketed, we'll see soon if it's true.


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