Magento 2 Grunt based tasks management
Panama Papers and WordPress updates
Bernie Sanders and broadband speed
SQL vs NOSQL? When and why…
Ever heard of Ubuntu Phone? What about FirefoxOS or Sailfish?

Google Speed Up Mobile Bucharest

This Monday, 3rd July 2017, I had the opportunity to take part into Google's Speed Up Mobile Workshop, in which there were presented some solutions that can be used to speed up your mobile pages. The event was presented as a journey for both marketing & technical teams, providing insights about the mobile landscape and trends, modern technologies, mobile assets Continue reading

Magento 2 Grunt based tasks management

After more than a year since its official stable release, Magento 2 can finally be used in production environments as it has passed the test of time. For us, old timers, working since the first versions of Magento 1, the new structure is at least puzzling and some things might need to be explained. One of those things is the Continue reading

Spune #nuOUG și efectele asupra proverbelor românești

Nu m-a tentat niciodată să adopt o anume atitudine față de situațiile politice sau față de evenimente de stat, însă, în acest caz, îmi este imposibil să nu am un cuvânt de spus. Este imposibil ca într-un stat democratic să existe o asemenea trădare a principiilor existențiale pentru o societate funcțională. În cazul în care clasa noastră politică de azi Continue reading

Getting hired in a Software Development Company

In the past 6 months I completely lacked time to write another post. One of the reasons why this was impossible was caused by the fact I did not have time as I had to improve our team here at MULTIDIMENSION. I am proud of what we have here, of what our services mean and what quality we are offering, Continue reading

Panama Papers and WordPress updates

Sometimes is hard to keep up with updating your website, but when you are covering your clients illicit money transfers into off-shore accounts, maybe you should be a bit more concerned with security. Allegedly, a WordPress security breach was used by the hacker that got his hands on the leaked "Panama Papers" documents. Based on a blog post by a Continue reading