SQL vs NOSQL? When and why…

As promised a few months ago, I am writing this to provide more details over the technologies discussed on the Microsoft Summit 2014 agenda. One of those technologies is NOSQL. David Chappell in his "NoSQL on Azure: An Introduction" presentation has brought a few interesting ideas over why you should use NOSQL, when you should use it and what happens Continue reading

Augmented reality – From an image to Microsoft Hololens

A few years ago I had the luck to see, first hand, the first augmented reality commercial apps being developed in Romania. They were interesting, but were lacking a lot of features concerning the proper image detection techniques, 3D model management and putting all that in a functional app. Now after a short period of time Microsoft has announced the Continue reading

Microsoft SUMMIT 2014

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a participant in the MS SUMMIT 2014 which took place in Bucharest, Romania. Although I can fully say I never liked focusing on big companies, be them described as the good or the bad guy, Microsoft actually impressed me for a chance. Unfortunately due to the schedule I didn't have Continue reading