Bernie Sanders and broadband speed

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Don't you feel that sometimes politicians go over the board to show how their supporters are complete morons? Making a tweet that compares the internet broadband speed across US with Bucharest's broadband speed wouldn't be such a big deal if you would know how to do a proper comparison and how to properly argument your position. I agree that 140 characters are not much for Bernie Sander's social media team, but yet saying that the capital of one of your supposed allies in the fight against terrorism has better internet than your entire country and then commenting the fact as unacceptable it's bad PR at least.

Bernie, sorry for calling you so directly, as you are much older than me, let me teach you something:

  • Romania is # 3rd in the World and #2 in Europe on based on Bloomberg's 2013 top
  • Romania has 9 cities in the 15 cities with fastest broadband internet based on a report by World Bank
  • Major cities in Romania offer 4G support and more than 90% of the smaller cities offer 3G support with any type of mobile contract
  • Mobile internet contracts start from 3EUR (~$USD3.3) and at ~12EUR (~$USD13.11) already offer over 10GB of 3G/4G internet access. Some special contracts even offer unlimited internet with just a decrease in speed once your limit was reached.
  • Romanian web developers are appreciated all over the world, including US (this is a nice presentation – and we are a lot (~230.000 IT Professionals, from which over half are specialized in mobile and web development – and this for a country of only 19 million people)
  • We also have social media specialists in case you are searching for one.

If you want to compare rural USA broadband speeds please don't target one of the fastest broadband markets in the world. Give a look to some of your other allies, like Germany, France or UK. Their broadband speed is under ours as well.

One other thing, you should focus on a lot more problems which you know are rotting your country on the inside, like education, employment and development which can be done at ~1Mb/s as well. Look at making internet cheaper rather than fast, so that it is accessible everywhere.

I know you will probably never see this though. Your internet speed is too low to load websites from Romania.

For everyone else reading this article please stop thinking we are a 3rd world country from anywhere else but Europe and please visit us before making a biased opinion. It will help everyone learn new things, including us.

For the people in USA, I really understand your plight. You have a hard decision which will affect you in the next 4 years. Good luck.

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