Ferrari 488GTB – the launch of a great car

Although it's not something I usually post about I had to say something about last night's event that took place at the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest, the launch of Ferrari 488GTB, a car that deserves its 215000 EUR price.

The event

The launch event was one of the nicest events in the last months at least, and it properly combined technology with the classic high life, style and expectations. The only thing that bothered me was the sound, which could have been brought at the same level with the car parked in the middle of the Take Ionescu hall of the Palace of Parliament.

The event featured two singers which completed the special view with classy and high quality songs, accompanied by saxophone. The feel of the event was that of a 1970s cocktail party when life was simpler and sweeter.



Once the car was unveiled though, nothing else mattered.

The car

Ferrari 488GTB is powered by a V8 – 90° Turbo – Dry Sump engine of 3.902 cm3 that reaches 670 horse power @8000 rpms, with a 7 gears F1 dual clutch transmission reaching a top speed of over 330km/h. It reaches 100km in 3s and 200km in 8.3s brining it up in the top 100 fast cars on the market. 

The engine is located at the back of the car as usual, and it's enhanced, with not one, but two turbo compressors. The front of the car has a mean look and it's built to look into your soul. I mean it's a Ferrari after all.

The dashboard looked great and I am yet to understand what all options do, but I wouldn't mind the chance at that.

What you wouldn't expect is the fact that the car is quite comfortable for a sports car making the driver feel as being a complete part of the car. The gears seem to be very sensitive and I wouldn't mind a test drive 🙂

I think I'll leave the car to speak for itself:

  • IMG_2892
  • IMG_2905
  • IMG_2908
  • IMG-20151020-WA0001
  • IMG-20151020-WA0003
  • IMG_2914
  • IMG_2916
  • IMG_2917
  • IMG_2918
  • IMG-20151020-WA0000


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