Project Ara sales start in Puerto Rico – pilot program

A while back I posted about new smartphone concepts, from hardware to software. This week, Google has made the announcement of starting a sales and marketing event in Puerto Rico around Project Ara.

If you remember, Project Ara is the modular phone concept, following PhoneBlocks, taken under Google's tutelage. A modular phone is a smartphone that comes with the ability of changing main components as you would do with a desktop PC, so that you improve just what you need:

  • more memory
  • more computation power
  • bigger battery
  • better camera
  • louder speaker

You do so by acquiring interchangeable modules which you simply install in the right slot. Project Ara will run Android, most likely version 5 (Lollipop)


Now, what's this sales event about? Google has taken some vans, put in some brand identity elements around Project Ara and setup mobile sales points for mobile phones around Puerto Rican malls. Why malls? Current data science techniques have statistically provided the insight that most Puerto Ricans buy their phones at the mall.

The special thing about these vans, is that they will provide to the lucky buyers, using the Ara Configurator, a phone specifically built for their needs, which will arrive in a few days/weeks, ready for use. It's also going to be possible to add colors and pictures to the phone at the point of sale for a truly personalized experience.

In my opinion the pilot program will be a real success and I hope to see those vans in Bucharest as soon as possible.



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